Operations, Maintenance, Marketing & Sales of Adventure Parks

A renowned Outdoor and Adventure personality with over 20 years of experience in setting up adventure parks offering almost all kinds of water, land and air based outdoor activities, Operating Out Bound Trainings (has handled OBT sessions for over 500 corporate groups), running theme based camps for Individuals, families, groups and educational institutions, developing innovative tourism products for
destination development and setting up and running Family Entertainment Centers.for safety.

Operations, Maintenance, Marketing & Sales of Adventure Parks

I Explore Adventure pvt ltd is an adventure-based research organization, continuously involved in the process of finding innovative uses of adventure activities in the positive transformation of an individual. Through a plethora of workshops, services and events, I explore helps clients achieve what they want, with a promise that they would discover something new each time. Whether it is through conducting leadership programs for people from all walks of life, or through offering creative solutions to travelers for offbeat destinations, or even by helping individuals and companies plan their theme parties, or by designing safety modules and infrastructure for outdoor shoots and events.

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Have an adventure gear outlet at Karjat, where one can find wide range of equipment right from the Tent, Sleeping bags, Kids tent, Stoves, Air mattress,
Solar Lamps, Rafts, Jet Boats and so on. Our aim is to introduce new products & the latest equipment which are available elsewhere.