Indoor Zipline setup in India

Indoor Zip Lines provide a fast and fun flying experience.

As kids, we’ve always dreamt of flying up above the ground. Well, that dream comes true with this adventure activity.
Zipline also popularly known as Flying Fox is a way of travelling distances, from one side to another using pulleys attached to a cable.
Ziplines can be short and low for kids; long, high and fast for real adventure seekers. But, if you’re someone who is scared of heights or outdoor setups we’ve got you covered.

With our engineering mastery and passion for quality, I explore Adventure constructs Indoor Zip set up according to the need of the client and availability of space. It’s possible to make thrilling setups even in small space. For the adventure-seekers of all ages, our zip line platforms are designed by certified engineers to assure utmost safety and are backed by an exclusive lifetime warranty for any wear and tear.

It’s time for the rides of your lives.

Our zip lines are built with maximum safety, but we want them to look and feel safe too. All of our zip lines use one of two braking solutions that makes sure about the smooth landing while ensuring a fun, fast as well as a safe ride! We present you automated magnetic brake system or the more cost effective, semi-automatic, guide-operated systems. We specialize in working closely with our clients and in finding solutions to every situation.

Both systems apply the brake automatically, and both reset automatically to reduce the potential for operator error. We design all of our zip lines with thick ½” steel cable to provide the maximum level of comfort for the riders, while providing unmatched safety. Mix and match “Superman” or “seated” harness styles to give your riders their preferred method of flight.

Iexplore Adventure Indoor Zip Line systems combine incredible excitement with strong visual appeal and unparalleled safety. Each of our projects receives the same level of care and safety, no matter the size, location, or investment. As a result, all of our zip lines are exceptionally safe, visually pleasing, and extremely long lasting.

In general, the rink size is 90–110 m (300–360 ft) x 45–65 m (148–213 ft). For internationals, the size must not be smaller than 100 metres (330 ft) x 60 metres (200 ft). The variety rink bandy is played on ice hockey rinks.

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