ATV Track setup in India

Iexplore Adventure is ATV tracks setup company in India.

ATV’s is an off-road vehicle which can travel through all kinds of terrains. Earlier they were used for military purposes, but now they’re growing as a recreational adventure sport. The adventure sport is entertaining, thrilling, super fun to do and is being loved by everyone recently.
Surprisingly, the ATV tracks can be developed at affordable costs. India is still being a niche market for ATV’s, not many know how to set it the track.

We create different levels for the riders and we also create customised themes around the tracks to give the rider a unique experience all together. These trails are designed to provide a range of recreational riding experiences. With the first loop for beginner’s level, second for moderate skills, and third for advanced riders.

We specialize in adapting and giving solutions to the clients need, for a wonderful ATV experience

  • ATVs can be broadly be classified into two types.
  • Single Rider: Single Rider ATVs are intended for use by single driver
  • Multiple: Multiple participant ATVs can be used by a driver, and between 1-3 passengers.
  • Single Rider ATVs can range from 50 – 800 CC, and multi-rider ATVs typically start at around 600 CC.
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