About us



A renowned Outdoor and Adventure personality with over 20 years of experience in setting up adventure parks offering almost all kinds of water, land and air based outdoor activities, Operating Out Bound Trainings (has handled OBT sessions for over 500 corporate groups), running theme based camps for Individuals, families, groups and educational institutions, developing innovative tourism products for destination development and setting up and running Family Entertainment Centers. y for safety.

Company Objective

To pioneer the process of inner transformation of Individuals through challenge, outdoors and Adventure as a medium which challenges our very own self defined limits and expands them, bringing about dramatic realizations and inner transformation, thereby creating value creating individuals in society; to continuously introduce innovative adventure sports to India; to put India on the Adventure Map of the world through excellence in safety, operational and hospitality procedures. To be THE ADVENTURE COMPANY, GLOBALLY.

Creating consolidated adventure parks with a plethora of adventures under roof, Running specific Outbound Training programs for corporates, institutes and individuals offering wide range of customized outdoor adventure tools and Operating carefully themed & designed Education Retreats both on and off campus, conceptualizing Innovative Destination specific tourism products, and setting up of Family Entertainment Centers, are some of the ac0vi0es in which I Explore is involved.

Being in the industry for almost two decades has given us an insite of market trends and acceptability, thereby enabling us to spread head marketing and sales of such projects. We are firm believers that any tourism product must be self sustaining and should be viable. In fact this is one of the key factors in conteptualizing projects.

Company Advantages

  • Complete Design Build Services
  • Highest Quality Componentry
  • Engineered Design and Construction
  • $2M General Liability Insurance
  • Ongoing Inspections
  • Civil, Structural, Geotechnical Engineering
  • Specialization In Large-Scale Construction
  • Project Management
  • 3D Concept Development
  • Experienced Team
  • Widest Range Of Products and Services
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • In-House Manufacturing

No other company can match us! We believe that a proactive approach leads to a successful project. Through a combination of project management software and best practices, we outline every step of the project and communicate that to you on an ongoing basis. Our specialized five-step process is described below:


Our initial planning begins when we first talk with you to understand your goals and budget. We then schedule a site visit to your site to walk the property and assess the physical layout and conditions. From this visit, we are able to develop a course layout and proposal for the overall project. For larger projects or those wanting a more formal process, we offer schematic drawings, design develop and construction document phases. Your review and acceptance of the proposal officially kicks off the project.


Scheduling your project within your expected timeline is extremely important. We do this by using project planning software to map staffing resources with estimated milestone and completion dates. This ensures that Iexplore Adventure core building teams are available for your project, each step of the way. Our expert teams are scheduled months in advance to manage your entire installation, resulting in quality construction and a greater customer experience.


We ensure uncompromised safety, design and engineering in all of our installations. Iexplore Adventure conforms to industry standards and can offer certified engineering certificates for any project. Moreover, redundancy of safety components is factored into every project we design and build. But we don’t stop there. Since Iexplore Adventure is concerned with our impact on the environment, each of our installations is designed to minimize its effect on the immediate ecological system. You end up with a zipline or canopy tour that provides you with an exciting bird’s eye view of the natural environment, without being intrusive or harmful to the plants and animals that live there.


After installation, Iexplore Adventure doesn’t just leave you “hanging.” We are proud of our products and services, and we continue to partner with you to ensure your company’s long-lasting success. In addition to staff training, we can assist you with marketing strategies and guidelines for profitability. Finally, look to Iexplore Adventure for a complete line of equipment and accessories, including automatic braking systems (to reduce staffing), harnesses, helmets, pulleys and more!